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FLAWLESS Elite Academy - Encourages women to become financially responsible and secure. Globally, women total about 51% of the population but 70% of the poor. Through hands on workshops and training programs, women are taken through systematic steps to gain financial independence and the tools needed to empower their children and break the cycle of financial dependency. It’s a MOVEMENT!

Personal Financial Literacy Course - an 6 week course (14 sessions) for African American women, that provides basic to advanced financial literacy practices, encouraging innovative and out of the box thinking to break the financial cycle of bondage while focusing on the Power of 7:

A.    Budgeting
B.    Credit (Credit Rise Workshop)
C.    Income/Giving
D.    Savings/Investment
E.    Real Estate
F.     Retirement
G.    Legacy

Credit Rise - was created to improve the credit and financial capacity of individuals by providing a blue print detailing the action steps needed to reach desired goals. Through educational workshops, participants have an opportunity to learn the importance of good credit, budgeting and savings and will receive incentives to help keep them focused while completing the steps.

FLAWLESS Follow Ups - Individual sessions discussing next level financial aspects such as investments, trust accounts, proper use of insurance and more. 

AWARE – Amazing Women Acquire Real Estate - Real estate is a sound investment when done properly. AWARE teaches and encourages women to acquire real estate to use as an additional source of income and to leave a legacy for generations to come.


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