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FLAWLESS encourages women to become financially responsible and secure. Globally, women total about 51% of the population but 70% of the poor. Through hands on workshops and training programs, women are taken through systematic steps to gain financial independence and the tools needed to empower their children and break the cycle of financial dependency. It’s a MOVEMENT!


Course Description - PFL is an 6 week course (6 sessions) for African American women, that provides basic to advanced financial literacy practices, encouraging innovative and out of the box thinking to break the financial cycle of bondage while focusing on the Power of 7:
A.     Budgeting
B.     Credit
C.     Income/Giving
D.    Savings/Investment
E.     Real Estate
F.     Retirement
G.    Legacy

2.     Materials List
A.    FLAWLESS 40 Day Workbook for Women (provided)
B.    FLAWLESS Elite Academy Binder & Inserts (provided)
C.    Calculator
D.    Documents per Document List

3.     Prerequisite

4.     Course Sequence
A.     FLAWLESS Workshop
B.     Goals and Budgeting
C.      Credit Rise Workshop
D.     Savings /Credit/Income/Giving
E.     Real Estate
F      Retirement/Legacy
G.     Graduation – workbook and tasks must be completed
H.      Follow-Ups

5.     Course Requirements & Assignments
Course must be completed in 6 weeks. Participants must follow the sequential order of assignments in order to progress.

6.     Course Policies & Expectations
A.     Be on time
B.     Respect the time of others
C.      Check email regularly for updates and potential class scheduling changes
D.     Participants are expected to complete the assignments and personal tasks throughout the course

Course Cost: $99

CLICK HERE to view and register for and upcoming course. 

What Attendees Are Saying About FLAWLESS

“This workshop was very instrumental in the restoration of my “POWER”! It was an eye-opener. I reconciled by delinquent bank account. I, for the first time, opened and read my paycheck and noticed my employer had been underpaying me.” ~Kim

“I learned to awaken my money mindset. It caused an awakening to get out of a rut with my finances and dream to accomplish my goals. It was like a jolt to pull me out of the financial quicksand. Very powerful!” ~Gates

“The workshop was a huge eye opener. I felt excited, nervous, embarrassed and upset! I had so many emotions running wild. I am excited about gaining financial awareness, stability and education so I can begin to build a savings, start to invest and most importantly, teach my children what I am just now learning.” ~Dominique

Credit Rise - was created to improve the credit and financial capacity of individuals by providing a blue print detailing the action steps needed to reach desired goals. Through educational workshops, participants have an opportunity to learn the importance of good credit, budgeting and savings and will receive incentives to help keep them focused while completing the steps.

Primary goals:

  • ·      Change the collective consciousness of individuals as it relates to credit and the importance of good credit
  • ·      Improve credit scores through education and comprehensive plans for each participant


  • ·      Description of the program is presented to potential participants
  • ·      Education
  • ·      What is credit, what affects credit, why good credit is important, how to improve damaged credit, how to save, why to save
  • ·      Budgeting – each participant will go over their budget and determine where potential adjustments should be made
  • ·      Credit discovery – review of credit reports to understand what is reporting
  • ·      Credit plan – creation of a written plan to improve credit over the next 12 months

Proposed time of 1st Workshop – 2 - 3 hours


Tel: +1(833) 4 AMZW 66

Tel: +1(833) 426-9966



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